Mike From #DJNTV Talks DJ Contract Client Negotiations (Video)

What can be done in the event you have an event/DJ contract in place with a client that takes issue with a a clause, or more?

Mike from #DJNTV has dealt with this situation more than once recently.

A client for his DJ services signed a contract for a $2,500 event and later requested two clauses be removed before moving forward. Instead of attempting to get an entirely new contract in place with the client, which would require legal counsel to re-read the entire agreement (to be sure nothing more than the two clauses were changed) and in-turn cost the client more money, Mike used a strike-through and client initial method for the existing contact — which is entirely legal and could save a scheduled DJ gig for you in the future!

Mike also discusses in the video above the best practice methods for dealing with a new venue. You should (need!) gain a venues trust (as they can also be a great source for new clients for you in the future) by visiting the venue before your gig and showcasing your professionalism. The bond with the venue you create is just one of the little things you can do as a Mobile DJ that can help propel you above the local DJ competition and provide you with more future DJ events and opportunities.

Mike is a great resource for the business side of being a mobile or wedding DJ. We’ll keep posting updates to the PCDJ blog so keep checking back!

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