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The many skins of DEX 3.8

Not just two-faced — DEX 3.8 has more personalities than Kevin Wendell Crumb (Split)!

The release candidate (and likely the official public release at the time you read this post) of DEX 3.8 is here, along with a few great new features and improvements.

One of the improvements is the array of useful user-interfaces (AKA ‘Skins’) DEX 3.8 now comes equipped with. DEX 3.8 includes both 2-Deck and 4-Deck Skins and both skins have multiple ‘tabs’ for various work-modes.

New in DEX 3.8 are updates to the existing 2-deck video mixing tab, with on-screen access and application controls for text, image and video overlays. DEX 3.8 users also get “Day-Time” versions of all default 2-deck and 4-deck skins — just in time for performances outside in the sun this summer.

A couple other skin tweaks include better sizing to the musical “Key” display and crisper graphics on very high resolution screens.

Here’s a look at skins/tabs included with DEX 3.8 and our opinion on their best individual uses:


DJs get 4 full-featured players with the DEX 3 4-Deck Skin and FX Tab. This interface is great for DJs that love to layer in their mixes. The FX Tab provides the nuts and bolts of purest DJing. Ideal for audio mixing with a handy FX-grid that shows DJs which effects are engaged and on which decks, at a glance.


The 4-Deck Video Tab is widely popular for modern, versatile DJs that may want to mix both music and music videos in a session. Users of this skin/tab typically only require the basics controls for video mixing. DJs get 2-decks for music video mixing (that can be used for audio, too) and 2-decks for audio-only mixing (bottom two decks)


Much like the default 4-Deck FX Tab, this tab is best used for audio-only mixing. The Scratch/Sync Tab is also only suitable for DJs using a DJ controller and/or timecode vinyl to control DEX 3.8 since it’s not equipped with mixer controls like the the other included 4-Deck Tabs. With the stretched vertical waveform’s it’s easier to see upcoming breaks in the track and if your songs are properly synced on-beat.


DEX 3.8 includes 8 full-featured sample deck players, and the Sampler Tab in DEX 3.8 displays them in all their fabulous glory. This is a tab any DJ performing any type of events will ultimately make use of. Sample (record/playback) the master output in real-time, or load up sound effect clips that you can trigger on-the-fly.


For DJs that only mix two audio tracks (with sampler access) there is no better equipped skin in the DEX 3.8 arsenal. On-skin access to all loop controls, hot cues, effects, and sample players means DJs have all available advanced music mixing controls on-screen and at their finger tips. You also have smaller side-by-side vertical waveform’s to help you keep the blend on point.


If you’re a video mixing DJ (aka VDJ) than this tab is designed for you. Equipped with large preview video displays for each deck, and one large mixed video output window, videos display large and easy to see. Drop down menus for video and transition effects are large and accessible. The 2-Deck Video Tab is also the only tab included with the DEX 3.8 installation that has an on-screen menu for selecting and applying created text, image and video overlays.


A no-frills 2-Deck Simple Skin also comes with DEX 3.8. For 2-deck minimalist mixing, this easy-to-navigate skin that includes the bare minimum controls can be accessed under the select user interface menu in options (there isn’t an included option on skin to switch to it). Because the decks are rendered very slim it the 2-Deck Simple Skin provides an extended view of the track browser and playlist areas.


Best of all, DEX 3.8 now includes daytime versions of all 2-deck and 4-deck skins and tabs. DJs can select one of these skins from the ‘select user interface’ drop down menu in DEX 3.8’s options (they are labeled “daytime”).  Use one of these skin variations when performing outside in the sun this summer or at any function where the light is high-contrast.


Have questions about our DEX 3.8 DJ and Video Mixing software, or the included skins? Please leave them in the comments section below!

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  1. Mark
    Mark says:

    In the 2-deck skin/default tab with sampler… instead of having the side-by-side vertical waveforms… it’d be nice to have the 3 smaller video displays.

    • Ryan Sherr
      Ryan Sherr says:

      Thanks Mark! That particular 2-deck tab was designed for audio mixing only, and having side-by-side waveform’s is a great visual reference for mixing on-beat. It may be easier to add access to the sample decks on the 2-deck video skin.

      It wouldn’t be that hard for something to edit the 2-deck skin and replace the vertical waveform’s with small view previews. Just edit the existing skin file in a graphics app like photoshop, and use our skin designer to map the video preview screens.

      Thanks again for the suggestions!

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