DJ And Video Mixing Software | DEX 3.6 (RC) Is Now Available For Download

DEX 3.6 RC DJ software is available
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A release candidate for DEX 3.6 DJ and video mixing software is ready for download. 

A slew of public beta release for DEX 3.6 has brought us to this point; a release candidate for DEX 3.6 is now available, complete with the new Pulselocker music subscription SDK in place.

We appreciate all the assistance our DEX 3.6 DJ community has providing us in seeking and destroying any problems found in the previously released betas , we truly couldn’t have made it to the 3.6 RC  build as efficiently and quickly as we have without your support.

A ‘release candidate’ is the final step before making a public release, so DEX 3.6 has been properly and carefully vetted at this point in the field — but we want that final look from users with all new features and changes in place to ensure there are no last-minute issues to address.

There have been many updates to DEX 3.6 since we began beta testing, including tinkering under-the-hood with existing core features. Some of the most notable new items are the ‘video link‘ feature (which now automatically loops shorter video clips) that video mixing DJs will surely enjoy, the new loading engine that will allow us to support more file types, the ‘search-as-you-type’ update to the Pulselocker search,  playing video files that don’t have an associated audio track, higher-quality HD video mix recording and loads of overall performance improvements.

You can download and install the DEX 3.6 release candidate below to update your existing version, or take it for a test spin if you’re not an existing DEX 3 customer.

Here’s What’s New And Changed In DEX 3.6 RC1 (From Previous Beta’s)

  • Enabled Pulselocker for both Mac and Windows (new SDK)
  • Ability to load video files without an audio stream/track
  • Automatically start Pulselocker searching after the user pauses entering text in the search text field (no need to manually press <Enter>)
  • Fixed link video files to audio for Pulselocker tracks
  • Fixed loading of MP4 files that are actually audio-only (some MP4s with album artwork were loaded by mistake as video tracks)
  • Fixed crash when analyzing/loading tracks with silence only
  • Fixed preference not working (“Enable separate video window”)

NOTE: DEX 3.6 is a release candidate! Please be sure to test thoroughly before using during a live performance. You can easily roll back to the public 3.5.7 release by re-installing it from the DEX 3 support page HERE



If you have any questions or problems running the DEX 3.6 DJ and Video Mixing Software beta version please post to the DEX 3 user forum.