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DJ And Karaoke Software | Using Your Own Background Image Or Video Behind DEX 3’s ‘Next Singers’ Display (Video)

use background image or video behind karaoke screen

New in DEX 3.7 (public beta at time of post) is the ability to use your own background image or video behind the karaoke ‘Next Singers’ display.

DEX 3 isn’t just a DJ program for mixing music and music videos, you can also host karaoke with the included selection of karaoke-specific features such a key control (key stepper), singers list, lyrics-only output and ‘next singers’ display.

DEX 3’s ‘next singers’ display showcases your next 3 singers on the singers screen (display 2) so your singers always know who’s up to sing next. In all previous iterations of DEX 3 you had a basic black background behind your singers. It got the job done, singers knew who was up next — but it wasn’t aesthetically pleasing. It was plain-Jane boring.

Thankfully, in version 3.7 you can upload and use your own background image or video. Under the ‘video tab’ in DEX 3’s options you’ll find a new area for ‘Karaoke Singers List‘ – it’s here that you browse and select your image or video file to display behind the ‘next singers’.  If you use a video clip DEX 3 will automatically (and continuously) loop the video clip behind the ‘next singers’ display.

The new image and video background feature provides easy method to create a better looking screen 2 for the audience and your karaoke singers.

Watch | Using Background Image Or Video Behind Next-Singers Screen (Second Display)


Have questions about the image and video karaoke backgrounds? Please leave them in the comments section below!

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