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Ditch the Songbook: Harnessing the Power of KSR

Karaoke Singer Requests (KSR) - online songbook

Every karaoke host or DJ has been there: crowded room, buzzing energy, juggling dozens of song requests scribbled on cocktail napkins, trying to decipher handwriting that would make a doctor’s note seem like calligraphy. Amidst the symphony of voices and clinking glasses, you’re left wondering if there’s a more efficient way to keep your karaoke night on track. Thankfully, the karaoke gods have heard your plea and presented a digital gift wrapped in innovation and convenience: the KSR (Karaoke Singer Request) system.

DEX 3 KSR Online Songbook

Seamlessly integrated into DEX 3 and LYRX and free to use, KSR is the magical fairy dust that streamlines the whole song request process, letting you, the host, focus on delivering a fantastic experience for your singers and audience, rather than turning into a part-time codebreaker. It’s time to say goodbye to the songbook-leafing, page-turning madness and embrace a system that brings the song catalog right into the hands of the singers. Sounds like a dream, right? Let’s dive into the benefits of this remote song request system.

No More Paper Songbooks, Hello Online Catalog

KSR is a game changer. It lets you host your entire karaoke songbook online, supporting a hefty collection of up to 100,000 songs. This means your karaoke singers can browse and search your extensive karaoke catalog without needing to navigate through physical songbooks. Instead of managing a mini library every time you host a karaoke night, you just need to enable the KSR service, sync your songbook, and voilà – your online songbook is ready.

Song Requests at the Tip of Your Fingers

Using their own internet-enabled devices – be it a smartphone, tablet, or laptop – your singers can easily scan your online songbook, pick their song, and send their request directly to you. You receive their request right inside your DEX 3/LYRX singer rotation list. Imagine how impressed the crowd will be when they see their requests magically appear in your queue. Not only does this make your life as a host much easier, but it also enhances the overall experience for your singers.

Your Unique KSR ID – Your Karaoke Signature

With KSR, you get assigned your unique KSR ID. Think of this as your personal karaoke signature. It’s not just an ID; it’s a brand that represents your karaoke setup. Your singers will associate this ID with the seamless and exciting karaoke nights they spend with you. Customers can also save their own favorites within the app, making it easier for them to select tracks while attending your event.

Easy to Use and Update

Updating your karaoke library with KSR is a breeze. Forget about the hassle of printing hundreds of pages every time you update your karaoke music library. With KSR, you can keep your song catalog up-to-date with a few clicks.

Onboarding Singers with QR Code

The QR code, often seen gracing restaurant menus and business advertisements, has now found a pivotal role in your karaoke night. Many DEX 3 and LYRX customers utilizing KSR at their events have come up with a nifty way to more easily onboard singers. They create ‘table cards’ that include the QR Code and their venue ID (KSR ID).

All a singer needs to do is scan this QR code using their smartphone camera. This action takes them straight to the KSR web application (ksr.pcdj.com) where they can enter your unique venue ID to view your online songbook. This smart, one-step process greatly reduces any resistance to the digital transition and effortlessly onboard your singers to the new system.

Think of it as an instant portal to the digital songbook universe, eliminating the need to type in a web address or download an app. Plus, the unique venue ID that singers input is a one-time affair, making it even simpler for repeat crooners.

In conclusion, KSR is a tool that every karaoke host, professional or amateur, needs in their toolkit. It integrates seamlessly with both DEX 3 and LYRX, creating a user-friendly interface that simplifies your workflow and amplifies the joy of karaoke nights. It’s about time to bring your karaoke experience into the digital age, make your life as a host easier, and keep your singers happily crooning all night long! Learn How to Setup KSR




Customer Example of a Table Card with QR Code