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(Video) Your Dinner Music Sucks, DJ! Try These Tracks…

Cocktail And Dinner Music For DJs

Dinner Music Ideas That Don’t Suck from DJNTV

The innerweb is ripe with tips and music playlists designed to help keep the dance floor packed during your mix set, but what about the often required but rarely discussed Dinner Music (AKA Cocktail Music) time slot?

Last night Mobile DJ aficionado Brian S Redd discussed dinner music ideas with John Young of DiscJockeyNews.com during a live stream. There are some surprising ideas to pull from their discussion, including specific songs DJs likely haven’t considered playing yet fit like a glove for the time during the event that music should create an ambiance, not take center stage.

As the DJ, and in many cases the Master Of Ceremonies, it’s your job to create the atmosphere through your music selection.  Don’t overlook Cocktail Music Hour as your next client is always listening!(and if you’re in need of the cocktail hour tunes, check out Pulselocker – the in-app music subscription with offline support that includes over 44 million songs)


Your Dinner Music SUCKS! DJs try these tracks! | With Brian S Redd and John Young


Have suggestions for Dinner Music / Cocktail Music for other DJs?  Please share in the comments section below!

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  1. Elizabeth Anderson
    Elizabeth Anderson says:

    A good song to play and get people up in a circle with bride and groom in middle or just the bride. “I knew the bride when she use to rock and roll” by Nick Lowe. A pretty fun song and get all ages up!!!

    Also, “Here comes my girl” Tom Petty. Like to throw up some that people aren’t expecting but sound great and get people dancing!

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