Dinner and Cocktail Music with The Perfect Host| Mobile Music with Jason Jones | #DJNTV

DJNTV’s (Disc Jockey News TV) Mobile Music with DJ Jason Jones features mobile DJs from around the country who are playing weddings, schools and bars to find out how and what they play and when they play it.  In this video they feature Jim Cerone, known around the world as The Perfect Host.

In this segment Jim and Jason focus on programming for dinner music and cocktail hour.   It’s a different vibe and requires a unique selection of music versus your typical dance floor anthems.  Jim says it all starts with being personalized and asking the right questions of your client; knowing the age range of guests, the clients year of graduation and personal musical tastes etc.

One excellent question Jim poses to his clients when trying to select cocktail/dinner music for the event is “What are some songs that you love that you can’t necessarily dance to?”  Once you build a musical profile for your client selecting the right blend of tunes is easier, but that’s just for starters.

Watch the video below as Jim Cerone shares his cocktail and dinner mobile music experiences with Jason Jones: