DEX 3 User Submitted Skin – 4X1 Wheel DRV with Album Art

Our friend and graphic designer DJ Vargas has created another DEX 3 DJ Software Skin, and this time it’s a 4-Deck version with on-screen rotating platters that display album art.

DJ Vargas is a long-time pro DJ and hails from Sweden, he’s a big fan of Denon DJ and the HC4500 DJ controller as you can see by the platter design in this new skin.  Here’s one of his previous DEX 3 Denon DJ skin submissions.

DJ Vargas created this skin utilizing our free skin designer software.  DEX 3’s graphics engine supports user-created skins utilizing our new and improved “PCDJ Skin Designer.” This allows DEX 3 users to change the entire look and feel of the software. DEX 3 already comes equip with all new 4-Deck and 2-Deck default skins at all (high) resolutions, each with a re-designed video mixing tab (now with separate preview windows), effects grid tab and sampler tab.  One of the new features in the skin designer is support for album art – either anywhere within the deck section, or on platters (jog-wheels) just like this skin.

Unzip Skin Files (Both Files) To Documents -> PCDJ-DEX3 -> Skins