DJ Software: DEX 3.1 Free Update Available For Download

The DEX 3.1 DJ Software update is now ready for download – a free update for all existing DEX 3 customers.

This update focuses on strengthening many of the core features, and includes many performance improvements in addition to a few new features.   The MAC version is now full 64bit compliant with improvements to the DJ controller engine.   A couple of the more anticipated updates are to the browser, where you can now use “List Mode” for a more “Excel” style layout, versus the “Word” style used in previous versions.  Songs will also not “grey out” when played during a session.

You will also receive new “DayTime Skins“, which are easier to see on daylight condition, and both skins have upgrades to the VU meters.

Here’s a list of all updates included in DEX 3.1:

DEX 3.1 Version Updates: 

  • Extensive performance optimizations and stability improvements
  • Added list-mode (table-like display mode) for current list/sidelist
    * To change between normal and list-mode right-click on the list and select “Toggle view mode” from the popup menu
    * You can: change columns order, hide/show columns, re-size columns, lock sorting or re-sizing, sort by clicking on the columns (and revert the sorting by clicking on the “No.” column header)
  • Added daytime skins (and also modified master VU-meter color for the original skins)
  • Added compatibility with iTunes 12
  • Tags support greatly improved for both reading and writing (you can now edit tags for: mp3, m4a, mp4, wav, aif, flac, ogg, wma; note that most video files (except for mp4) don’t support tags so no tag editing is possible on mov, mkv, cdg-zip, au, etc)
  • Changed functionality: you can also scroll the lists by dragging them from the right side (very useful for touch-screen users); drag-&-drop still works if you drag a track from the left side; (left 75% drag&drop / right 25% scroll)
    Improved controller engine on MacOSX
  • Loaded tracks are “greyed out” (session only)
  • Search improvements (includes fixing a search cache issue)
  • For skins designers: jog-wheel artwork now possible (spinning or not, you can also use a mask for it)
  • On Macs the app is now 64-bit (MacOSX 10.7+)
  • Known issues (to be addressed in next release):
    On some AMD-powered graphics cards (AMD APU ones more specifically) the interface might not load ok


4 replies
    • Ryan Sherr
      Ryan Sherr says:

      Paul, if you just have DEX 3/2 closed, and install DEX 3 (demo) than it will pick up the activation of the previously installed release – and open in full version mode. Should be that easy!

  1. anthony
    anthony says:

    I like your software it uses less resource than serato…only thing ur lacking is u need to have them wave graphs up and down in middle like serato that shows diff colors on drums, high hats, snares etc makes it more smoother to mix

    • Ryan Sherr
      Ryan Sherr says:

      Thanks! Some of our skins already support “vertical waveform’s” – so basically, that’s due to the design of the skin. We will probably add a “scratch mode” to the default skins soon with vertical waveforms.

      Frequency colored waveform’s will also be included in a future update to DEX 3.

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