DEX THE HALLS: Save 15% On DJ Software And Karaoke Software

Jingle my bells, it’s that time of year again for DEX THE HALLS 4!

We’ve saved one of our best offers of the year for last — Save 15% on DJ software (DEX 3 and RED Mobile 2) and karaoke software (Karaoki) now instantly at checkout at

It’s been a banner year for PCDJ, with the all-new DEX 3 platform leading the way.  Karaoki has seen its fair share of major updates, including the recent integration with SongbookDB allowing for remote song requests (via singers phones).   RED Mobile 3, a free update for our DJ software designed specifically for mobile DJs, will also be available for download soon.   If you haven’t already purchased a PCDJ DJ software or karaoke software product, it’s your chance to save big!   Happy Holidays, and keep mixing!



DEX 3 - 4 Deck Skin
DEX 3 is our best DJ software for DJs that accept no compromises!  Mix everything: Audio, music videos and karaoke with ease.  The brand new 3.1 release is PCDJ’s most complete DJ mixing software solution.


RED Mobile 2 is DJ software designed for mobile DJs that need the core mixing basics:  A traditional 2-deck DJ mixer with just the right features to get the gig done: With RED Mobile 2 the focus is on your clients, not your DJ software! 


Karaoki is the world’s greatest karaoke show hosting software for pro KJs looking for the best in singer and song management.  Host shows with ease and piece of mind utilizing Karaoki’s advanced rotation management, automated rotation options and songbook features


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