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DEX x SoundCloud | 3 Pro Tips for Using the Streaming Service with DEX 3

Tips for using SoundCloud with DEX 3

This week we announced our new partnership with SoundCloud and in-app support for SoundCloud Go+, offering DEX 3 DJs in-app access to SoundCloud’s massive 200+ million song catalog of popular and underground artists for only $9.99-a-month after 30-day free trial. Since many customers are new to SoundCloud Go+, and using it for the first time with DEX 3, we thought we’d help you get started with a few tips!

Download the SoundCloud App for iOS or Android to Create Playlists whenever or wherever you’re Inspired

SoundCloud on iOS

SoundCloud Go+ offers worlds’ largest streaming catalog with over 200 million songs, which includes both premium tracks from popular artists and underground tracks from up and coming artists and producers. The app, available for both iOS and Android, offers music discovery tools to help you find new music to work into your sets, along with the ability to create playlists on-the-go.

No matter where you are; commuting on a train to work, meeting with the bride before their special day, or in the club listening to another DJ throw down a killer set, you can pull your phone out of your pocket, pop open the app and create playlists that will automatically synchronize with the DEX 3 database.  Get back to the house, fire up your laptop and pop open DEX 3 — boom, there’s you’re playlist, ready to stream and mix.  Get SoundCloud for iOS  Get SoundCloud for Android

Refresh Playlists in DEX 3 for On-The-Fly Updates

refresh SoundCloud playlists in DEX 3 DJ Software

If you’re working on a creating a playlist for a set using the SoundCloud website with DEX 3 open you can refresh playlists on the fly.

Simply right click (CTRL+CLICK on MAC) on the text “Playlists” under the SoundCloud tab located on the left side of the DEX 3 browser and select “Refresh Playlists”.  Doing so will scan for changes and updates applied on the SoundCloud website and immediately update DEX 3, displaying any new playlists created on the website (or via the app) and any freshly added tracks there within.

Struggling with Playlist Creation? Use the SoundCloud Charts

SoundCloud Music Charts for DJs

Getting stumped during playlist creation? Thankfully, SoundCloud offers tools for music discovery including curated charts in all genres.

Music Charts come in all varieties, such as “The Bridge – Music to get you through”, “The Zone – Songs for life”, ‘SoundCloud Charts – The most played tracks on SoundCloud this week” (particularly useful!), and “The Drop – New music, updated all the time” (for club DJs looking to break new ground and find their own unique sound, “The Drop” is the go-to!).  Just click on a track you wish to add to one of your playlists, click the button with ellipsis (three dots) and select “add to playlist”.  View SoundCloud Charts and Discover New Music


There you have it, 3 Pro Tips to help you get started with using SoundCloud Go+ with DEX 3. Stay tuned, there will be more!




Have questions about DEX 3 and SoundCloud Go+ streaming?  Please leave them in the comments section below!