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DEX 3 Visualizations | ‘Shader’ Round-Up!

Download Shaders for Use with DEX 3 DJ Software

DEX 3.11.01 (and up) supports ‘Shaders’ for on-screen visualizations that add a new visual flair to your mix sets — we’ve selected a few to help jump-start your collection! (see Shader Roundup Part 2)

Shaders‘ are free (although some may be marked ‘private’ by the creator) from ShaderToy.com and come in all types of designs that are ‘drawn’ by your GPU (graphics card) in real-time to generate beat-synced visualizations. If enabled in DEX 3, Shaders will display whenever mixing only audio – which provide a seamless method for transitioning from music video mixing, or karaoke, while still maintaining visuals on screen 2 for the audience.

Installing Shaders for use in DEX 3 is easy, and if you’re technically savvy enough you can create your own Shaders.

Please find a few Shaders below that work great with DEX 3.  Keep in mind that Shaders can be GPU intensive, so performance of the Shaders and DEX 3 depend greatly on your graphics card and overall system performance. Be sure to test Shaders first to make sure you’re not experiencing any performance issues (Dedicated Graphics cards are preferred!).

Shaders for On-Screen Beat-Aware Visualizations (Copy/Paste link “Add Shader” Menu)

Using Shaders in DEX 3 DJ and Video Mixing Software

Have questions about using Shaders with DEX 3 for on-screen visualizations, or do you have Shaders you wish to share with the DEX 3 community?  Please leave them in the comments section below!