DEX 3 Video Tutorial | Sync Start

A unique feature exclusive to PCDJ DJ Mixing software is “Sync Start

The purpose of Sync Start is much like Sync, to align two or more tracks at the same tempo and on-beat – which is possible thanks to the beat-grid technology found in DEX 3 and RED Mobile 3.   The basis of beat mixing is to seamlessly blend two tracks to make one, used often when transitioning from one track to another.   Sync, likely the most polarizing feature found in DJ software today, makes this one-button-press easy (selecting the right tracks to mix and when to mix them in is still critical).

Sync is typically used when you’ve already started the deck, to match and align tempos on-the-fly.  Sync Start not only aligns the tempos based on the beat-grid, but also starts the track from a full stop – on beat.   If you’re playing a track in Deck A for example and click Sync on Deck B (either with a DJ controller or keyboard/mouse), the song will start, on beat and in sync with the playing track.

The Sync Start feature is especially useful if you’re nearing the end of a track and weren’t prepared to mix into your next track.  Maybe you were distracted, or just couldn’t pick the right song to mix until too late; Sync Start will allow you to quickly load a track and mix it in instantly.


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