DEX 3 | Using the New, Built-in, Karaoke.net Store to Buy Karaoke Songs On-The-Fly (Video)

New in DEX 3.12 (Public beta at time of this post) is the Karaoke.net karaoke store. The video above demonstrates how to use it.

The in-app karaoke store allows you to browse, search, and purchase HD quality karaoke songs (in MP4 or Zip formats) from directly inside of the DEX 3 browser. Purchased karaoke songs are then immediately downloaded to the DEX 3 database so you can immediately add to singer rotation and load/play.

Karaoke.net provides some of the highest quality karaoke files of any manufacturer available today, ensuring both sound quality and lyrics scroll are spot on and as close to the original tracks as possible. With the new in-app store you can purchase songs on-the-go as your singers request them so you never have to say “I don’t have that” again!

DEX 3 is the most completely ‘do-it-all’ DJ and karaoke software for the versatile entertainer — now with in-app karaoke store.

You can download and try the new DEX 3.12 public beta on this page.


Have questions about the new in-app karaoke.net karaoke store and how it operates within DEX 3?  Please leave them in the comments section below!