DEX 3 User Submitted Skins – Patriotic 1440×900 Skin Pack

Our DEX 3 DJ software’s newly revised graphics engine supports user created skins.  You can build them yourself using our freshly updated “PCDJ Skin Designer” – this means you can select a different skin in DEX 3’s options to change the entire look and feel of our #MixEverything DJ software. 

Emiliano Vargas (DJ Vargas) of Sweden (born in Uruguay, and as he proudly pointed out – the first country to win the World Cup) brought us the Denon DN-HC4500 skin last week.  This week he brings us a Patriotic Pack of 1440×900 resolution skins based on the DEX 2 default 2-Deck skin.   If you take pride in your Country and you’re from the USA, Sweden or Uruguay there’s a patriotic skin included for you.    Each country has 2 versions of the 2 deck skin, with or without a video preview section.   The skins included also feature stacked waveform’s across the top, which come in handy while beat mixing for visual reference.  

Skins are always free for DEX 3 customers, and we invite everyone with a keen sense of design to try their hand at creating and submitting their own DEX 3 skin for all users to download.   Check out the PCDJ Skin Designer HERE.

Download the skin below and be sure to let Emiliano know what you think of his DEX 3 Skins by visiting his website and signing his guestbook!


(Unzip All Skins To Documents -> PCDJ-DEX3 -> Skins And Access through Options)


Have a skin you wish to submit and share with the PCDJ community? Email us at