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DEX 3 Now Support’s MusicWorx’s “StreamBox for DJ’s”

DEX 3 with MusicWorx StreamBox Software

If you’re looking for another streaming alternative to the various services baked into DEX 3 today, Streambox for DJ’s by MusicWorx offers unique, attractive features.

DEX 3 with MusicWorx Streaming

DEX 3.18 introduced support for MusicWorx’s Streambox product and one of the most impressive capabilities that DJs, especially mobiles, will love is that you can download as many tracks for offline playback as you wish.

From MusicWorx’s website:

“The Streambox for DJ’s- The most powerful software in the market.

The Streambox allows online and offline streaming. Download unlimited tracks for online and offline streaming. The whole library of Music Worx with over 3 million songs is available. The audio files are downloaded encrypted and can only be played via the Streambox. The Streambox is linked to a Mix software (and DEX 3) for live performance. Each stream is calculated and paid to the rights holder. Piracy and file sharing are excluded.”

Basically, you download the Streambox software and it works as the client. Setup your playlists, edit track data to your enjoyment, and pop open DEX 3 and everything is synchronized.

Unlike the consumer oriented services we support like TIDAL, MusicWorx targets their services to DJs and music professionals, as well as consumers. Users are able to browse, listen, share, buy, stream, promote and download music all on one platform. Per their team, there is no comparable platform that combines all these listed functions.

  • The Streambox for DJ’s is connected to DEX 3
  • The Streambox allows online and offline streaming
  • Download unlimited tracks for online and offline streaming
  • The whole library of Music Worx with over 3 million songs is available
  • Streambox is linked to DEX 3 Mixing software for live performance

You can learn more about DEX 3’s integration with Streambox HERE. A general overview of the Streambox can be found on THIS PAGE.

MusicWorx Streambox is one of 5 streaming service platforms available to DEX 3 DJs. Like the others, you can choose which to enable within the DEX 3 file browser under the “3rd Party Services” tab in DEX 3’s options.

If your a DJ that needs offline support, a MusicWorx Streambox subscription should be strongly considered. Review pricing options and start a fully functional free trial of MusicWorx and Streambox HERE.