DEX 3 Video Tutorial | Storing And Recalling Loops

The DEX 3.4 DJ mixing software update dropped last week, and one of the new features included with the skin update is the ability to store and recall loops.

A loop allows you to repeat a section of the playing track seamlessly and in sync with the beat (using out beat-grid technology), and creating loops with DEX 3 is easy.  You have traditional “loop in and loop out” buttons and dedicated buttons for automatic 1, 2, 4, 8, 16 and 32 beat loops — as well as 1/2 and 1/4 loop buttons with the ability to half size or double the loop length.

New Loop Toggle Button

The loop functions are all designed to create loops seamlessly on-the-fly, but what if you want to store loops to be recalled later – much like hot cues?

DEX 3.4 and the subsequent skin update provides a new “Loop and Cues” toggle button located under each deck.  Press the button to swap between cue and loop storage points.  Then, while in a loop, press one of the 5 available loop storage buttons/points to save the loop.  The loop will now be stored indefinitely and can be cleared by right-clicking the loop button (1-5).

You will also see “white flags” along the track timeline that represent the position of the stored loop, a great visual reference to know which loop you may want to trigger and when.

Watch How To Store And Recall Loops In DEX 3