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DEX 3 + SoundCloud Support | Testers Needed!

DEX 3 DJ Software with SoundCloud Support

SoundCloud support is coming to DEX 3 soon. DJs will be able access and stream a catalog of 190+ million songs, without ever leaving the DEX 3 browser. We wrote in-depth about SoundCloud and what support means for DEX 3 customers a few months ago here.

We’re currently in the home-stretch — SoundCloud support for DEX 3 is eminent. Our quest to make DEX 3 the most well-rounding and complete DJ software program included in-app support for streaming, and SoundCloud (specifically their Go+ subscription) has come to bat with a more-than-adequate solution. Already surpassing the now-defunct Pulselocker streaming subscription platform for DJs in functionality and ease-of-use, SoundCloud is the right partner for us, and the service is surely going to be a hit with DJs and Venues alike.

What we need now is a handful of beta testers to field-test SoundCloud support in DEX 3 (pro). 

We’re only looking for a few ideal candidates, for both MAC and Windows based testing. Applicants should meet/exceed all DEX 3 Pro system requirements (as found at the bottom of this page) and have ample time to test and report over the next 4-5 days.

If you feel like you’re a fit, look forward to SoundCloud streaming, and have the time to dedicated to testing and thoroughly reporting on any issues, please fill out the form below and we will respond promptly!

Apply for SoundCloud Testing

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