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DEX 3 x SoundCloud Go+ | Creating Playlists on SoundCloud.com that Sync with DEX 3

In the video tutorial above, Ryan demonstrates how to create and like playlists on SoundCloud.com that automatically synchronize with the DEX 3 browser.

Whether you create custom playlists on the SoundCloud website, or via their iOS/Android Mobile Apps, they will populate the DEX 3 browser under the “SoundCloud” browser tab. You can refresh playlists on the fly in DEX 3 to immediately display created or liked playlists.

SoundCloud Go+ in DEX 3 DJ Software

A really awesome function is the ability to “LIKE” any SoundCloud users curated playlist. Simply bang the “LIKE” button above the playlist and that playlist will be added to DEX 3. If you’re a mobile DJ that plays all types of events this could come in handy. For example, if you’re DJing a party or event that requires a music genre you’re not all that familiar with, just locate a playlist that’s loaded with tracks of that particular genre (We suggest looking for playlists that have a lot of LIKE’S) and bang the LIKE button. Fire up DEX 3 or refresh playlists and boom, you’re ready to mix!

DEX 3 x SoundCloud Go+ provides DJ’s with in-app access to 200+ million songs by premium artists and underground tracks.


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