Download The DEX 3 ‘Slam Dunks’ DJ Software Skin

Slam Dunks DJ Software Skin For DEX 3

Sometimes, when everything comes together exactly how you initially envisioned you consider it a ‘Slam Dunk’

The recent release of RED Mobile 3.5, our ‘lighter’ DJ software solution, introduced a revamped GUI (skin). Now after a week in the field the feedback we’ve received has largely matched our own thoughts — the new RED Mobile 3.5 skin is clean, modern and easy to navigate. Just the right mix of features and aesthetics. The album art displayed on the rotating platters is a nice touch, and honestly not something I thought I would like (believing it may be too ‘busy’).  While it may not be particularly useful while mixing it’s nice to look at during a long DJ set.

A longtime PCDJ aficionado and designer of some of our past DJ software iterations most sought after skins, Ian Dunkerly (AKA Dunks) has once again created a versatile design any type of DJ can have fun performing with. Users have enjoyed the RED Mobile 3 skin revision so much we begged him to throw together a tweaked version for DEX 3 users. He gladly obliged. The new DEX 3 ‘Slam Dunks’ Skin pays him homage with his DJ namesake “Dunks”.

The new DEX 3 ‘Slam Dunks’ Skin features everything found on the new RED Mobile 3 skin, including a new Tablet Mode — making use of 2in1 or touch screen laptops. Large platters, an X/Y effects pad (think “Kaos Pad“), large loop/hot cue buttons and more. The skin has been designed to fit any resolution above 1024×768. We think you’ll find the new “Slam Dunks” skin a great alternative to the default DEX 3 skins, especially those times you’re just mixing music as opposed to music videos.

Unzip all contents to Documents (Docs on Mac) -> PCDJ-DEX3 -> Skins.  Access and select the ‘slam dunks (2 deck)’ skin in DEX 3’s options under the ‘select user interface’ drop down menu to apply.