DEX 3 Feature Spotlight | Real-Time Detection Of DJ Controllers

Among other welcomed upgrades, DEX 3.4 introduced the unique ability to auto-detect, in real-time, up to 8 different Midi/HID DJ controllers.  DEX 3 supports nearly 80 DJ controllers from the best brands in the business (Numark, Pioneer DJ, Denon DJ, Reloop and more)

What does “auto-detect in real-time” mean, exactly?  You can now connect or disconnect DJ controllers while DEX 3.4 is already open and running, while your DJing.

Auto-Detection Of DJ Controllers

Launch DEX 3.4 and connect (or disconnect) any supported DJ controller (MIDI or HID) and DEX 3.4 will detect the connections on-the-fly.  Zero-configuration necessary.

Thus, you can open DEX 3.4 without a DJ controller connected and then connect or remove up to 8 different controllers at the same time.   DJ controllers will be detected and start working automatically, and immediately.

Auto DJ controller detection works on both Mac and Windows, and only in DEX 3.4 and above.

(UPDATED): Important note for Windows DEX 3.4 users:  If you’re using a DJ controller that includes a built-in audio interface equipped with ASIO drivers, in order for the audio device to engage and start working properly when re-connecting a controller on-the-fly, you will need to select a different audio device from the select output device drop down menu under the audio tab in settings, then select the ASIO driver for the audio interface again from the select output device drop down menu (this will re-engage the audio interface and ASIO will begin to work again).

How Can Auto-DJ Controller Detection Be Useful?

The Real-time DJ controller detection feature is undoubtedly useful if a controller hangs for some reason. You would simply power the DJ controller off and then back on — or disconnect it from the DJ computer and reconnect it.

Numark MixTrack Pro 3

Or, if you simply wants to hook an additional controller on the fly to control other features of DEX 3.4 – such as triggering samples from the sample players.