DEX 3 Pro Tip | Ideal Settings for Karaoke Events

Configuring DEX 3 for karaoke use

Flexible and all-inclusive, DEX 3 is the live performance software of choice for DJs and karaoke hosts alike.

DEX 3 literally allows performers to “Mix Everything” and the default look, feel, and options are initially configured more so for DJ specific purposes than for hosting karaoke events. With more and more customers purchasing DEX 3 specifically for karaoke use (with the supported Party Tyme Karaoke Subscription playing a large part in that), and the recent influx of professional karaoke features, we felt this post was in order.

Below you will find our suggested settings and configuration for using DEX 3 for hosting karaoke (only). Note that these are suggestions, so you can either go all in and follow this guide to the letter or take from it what you want. This guide outlines settings only, and not all of the karaoke-specific features DEX 3 offers (such as singer/song history, adjusting key, and managing singer rotation, placing your own logo on screen, etc).

Suggestion Configuration for Hosting Karaoke with DEX 3

1. Setting Up Screen Two for Video-Only (Lyrics) Output: Watch this quick tutorial video on configuring screen two for “extended display mode’ so you can send the lyrics-only to the singer’s screen.

2. Switch to the DEX 3 2-Deck Video Skin: The consensus best skin mode for hosting karaoke with DEX 3 is the 2-deck video skin. From the top certain section of the DEX 3 skin, use the 1-2 toggle button to display the 2-deck DEX 3 skin. Then, click the rectangle shaped button (video button) at the every top of the skin to display the video tab. You should see three large video display windows above the decks (one for deck A and B, and the middle one represents the mixed video output that represents what the singers/audience see).

Also, since DEX 3 now handles filler music playback automatically in the background, without using any of the ‘Decks’ (players), you should leave the on-screen virtual cross-fader positioned all the way to the left, under the Deck A side.

DEX 3 karaoke mode

3. Enable the Case player as the Filler Music Player: Go into DEX 3’s options, under the Karaoke tab, and put a tick in the box for “use case/preview player as background/filler music player”. This will allow you to use the regular sidelist (not the Karaoke Rotation list) for automatic filler music playback. From the same Karaoke tab in options, you can also adjust the filler music volume level. Many customers prefer to lower the volume of the filler music player a few decibels so that playback is a bit quieter than when playing karaoke songs.

4. Enable High-Quality Time Stretching: In order for DEX 3’s key stepper to function, you need to enable “High Quality Time Stretching” in options under the General Tab. Then the key stepper up/down arrow buttons located in each of DEX 3’s decks (near the tempo slider) will allow you to adjust key (you can also choose the size increments of the semitone key steps under the General tab in options, look for the key slider on the right bottom side of the General tab).

Key Stepper DEX 3

5. Enable Detect Musical Key and Detect Automatic Gain: Also located under the General tab in options, tick the boxes for both “Detect Musical Key” and “Detect Automatic Gain”. Detect Musical Key will allow DEX 3 to automatically calculate the musical key of the track (as well as a modified Camelot Scale key) of the track.  Detect Automatic Gain will ensure DEX 3 plays all tracks at the same output gain level.

DEX 3 musical key and gain

6. Show Your Company Logo on Screen with Opacity: Optional of course, but you can easily use DEX 3’s overlays feature to display your own logo at all times on screen with varied levels of opacity.

That should assist you greatly with configuring DEX 3 for karaoke hosting purposes. Please review the following videos for additional help with all of the latest karaoke features added to DEX 3.11 (and up)!