DEX 3 Pro Tip | How To Search By Key, BPM, Year and More

DEX 3 searching by bpm, key, and year

You’re mixing music with DEX 3 and need to find tracks in a similar BPM or key, but how? Use these search tips!

The DEX 3 search engine is powerful. As a DEX 3 customer you already know you can pull up tracks instantly in search results whether you’re searching your library of 3,000 tracks or 1-million. You can use search string type searches (IE: Searching for “Lizzo – About Damn Time”? Type in “Liz A Time”) to precisely locate the track you’re searching for.

But, what if you want to search for tracks in a similar BPM, key, or find a track that was released in 2022?

What you may not know is that DEX 3 offers a simple method for rapidly locating tracks by BPM, Key, Year, or any combination of each.

By typing “b” before the BPM number value you’re looking for searches for the BPM. If you want a specific BPM you can type out the total number value, such as “b120” to locate tracks that have a BPM of 120. If you want to broaden the search and locate any tracks with a 120-129 BPM, simply use “b12”. The same method works for searches by key and year.

Here Are a Few Examples of Searching by BPM, Key, Year and any Combination: 

  • b098 — search all songs with BPM 98
  • k10A — search for key 10A
  • y199 — search for all songs in the 90’s (eg. 1990, 1991 … 1999)
  • Also, you can combine them:
    eg. if you want to search all Dance songs with bpm 128 from the 90’s in key 10A you do:
    Dance b128 y199 k10A

Using this search method works for regular music, music videos, and karaoke. Launch DEX 3 now and try it yourself!