DEX 3 Pro Tip | Creating a Karaoke Song Book

DEX 3.11 is loaded with new karaoke features, making it the most complete all-in-one live performance software for both DJing and hosting karaoke.

In the the video tutorial above we highlight one of the latest additions to our most popular DJ software: The ability to export user lists (playlists) as CSV files.

Once you’ve exported the CSV file, you can open it in any spreadsheet application, such as Microsoft Excel, Google Sheets, or Open Office.

With minor formatting you have a professional looking karaoke song book you can either print out, or export as PDF (for example) and upload to your own personal website. Karaoke singers can then use the karaoke song book to view your karaoke inventory and make song requests.

This karaoke feature is one of many recently added to DEX 3. Other include new managed singer rotation, singer/song history, ability to adjust key when adding tracks to singer rotation (which also get stored in singer history), automatic filler music player, and much more.  If you haven’t already tried or purchased DEX 3.11 you can learn more and download a free trial here.

DEX 3 enableS today’s modern mobile DJ to #MixEverything