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DEX 3 (or LYRX) | How-to Backup and Restore All Data on Windows (Video)

DEX 3.14 and LYRX 1.6 were recently launched and the location of all software data (database, user lists, settings, waveform data, etc) has been changed. This video demonstrates how to backup and restore all DEX 3 or LYRX data.

In prior DEX 3 and LYRX versions data was stored in documents. Due to various potential issues storing the software/user data in documents, such as permissions problems, Microsoft OneDrive storing files in the cloud vs local machine, and other potential problems we’ve moved the software data folder to App Data, a much more secure location.

App Data is a hidden folder in Windows by default, so locating it isn’t as easy through Windows File Explorer. We’ve added a new “Data Folder” button in DEX 3 and LYRX’s options menu that will directly open up the folder so you can access and backup/restore the contents.

Please watch the video tutorial above. If you still have questions about how to backup and restore DEX 3 or LYRX data, please feel free to leave them in the comments section below!