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Have you heard of the term ‘also ran’? You may have, but you likely don’t remember those that ‘also ran’.

DJ Mixing Software for mixing music and video

Without question, there are a more than few professional software options for DJs on the market today, with each company that created them touting they are ‘the best DJ software‘. When you review the features of each DJ program, it’s a virtual tit-for-tat. On paper there’s not a whole lot that separates them.

As a company that has been in the business of creating DJ software for 20 years now, we understand that it can be easy to fall into a trap when planning development cycles to emulate features of other competitive products. And to be honest, if you’re not checking out the competition you’re doing your company, your product, and your customers a disservice. There are lessons to be learned and quite honestly, features that may indeed be worth emulating or building from. The trap you shouldn’t fall into is focusing too much development effort in emulating or ‘keeping up with the Jones’s’. This is how you become an ‘also ran’. You end up with a product that’s pretty much like everyone else’s, one that blends in and offers nothing unique or exciting.

It’s been our mission in recent years to create the most feature rich and easy to use all-in-one DJ mixing software today. DEX 3 is our flagship product and is equipped with a robust set of DJ, video mixing, and karaoke host features. These features, with steadfast intent, are designed around the requirements of today’s mobile DJ — a versatile entertainer that relies on the full gamut of multimedia options so they can book any event. We’ve come a long way in the last 2 years, specifically, in mirroring development efforts with our mission and our promise. But, we’re not satisfied, yet.

This year, in 2019, we’re making a more concise effort to boldly go where no DJ software has before, to focus on unique features that make the lives and events of our target customer easier. Will this upset some DJs that want something just like the ‘other guys’ have? Yep, Indeed it will. Will it mean DEX 3 appeals more than any other DJ software product on the market to a certain type of DJ — today’s versatile jock that isn’t interested in being an ‘also ran‘?

Yep, indeed it will.

Here’s to a brilliant year of innovation ahead! 

Ryan Sherr

Ryan Sherr

PCDJ General Manager

Ryan has worked on the forefront of Digital DJ Technology for 20 Years