DEX 3 and LYRX Visualizations | ‘Shader’ Round-Up! Part 2

Visualizations for DEX 3

It’s the 2nd edition of “Shader Roundup”! Use the following free Shaders with DEX 3 or LYRX for exiting on-screen beat-aware (in most cases) visualizations.

What are Shaders?

Shaders are free (although some are unfortunately marked ‘private’ by the creator) to use from ShaderToy.com and come in a plethora of designs.

Shaders are ‘drawn’ by your GPU (graphics card) in real-time so having a decent (and/or dedicated) graphics card is recommended.

When enabled from the drop down menu located at the top of the user interface, DEX 3 or LYRX will display them on-screen when mixing audio tracks. Using Shaders when mixing music videos with audio-only tracks ensures there is always something on-screen for the audience to view. You can also choose to display Shaders ‘always-on-top’ while playing any media format.

Installing Shaders for use in DEX 3 (or LYRX) is easy and you can even create your own custom Shaders.

The Shaders below will work well in either DEX 3 or LYRX. If you missed the prior Shader Roundup, you’ll want to add those Shaders to you collection as well.

NOTE: Be sure to test all Shaders before you perform with them live to make sure you’re not experiencing any performance issues.

Shaders for DEX 3 or LYRX Visualizations (Copy/Paste URL to “Add Shader” Menu)

(Light/Medium/Medium Heavy/Heavy Labeling Pertains to GPU Load)


Using Shaders in DEX 3 DJ and Video Mixing Software

Have questions about using Shaders with DEX 3 or LYRX for visualizations, or do you have Shaders you wish to share with the DEX 3 community?  Please leave them in the comments section below!