DEX 3 Pro Tip | See How Shaders Can Be Used With Overlays for Exciting On-Screen Branding

In the short video clip above we demonstrate how Shaders can be combined with Text and Image Overlays in DEX 3 to create exciting branding opportunities.

  • First, we added a full-size (in this case 1920px X 1080px) background graphic with vertical colored lines to make the DJ logo we’ll place a layer on top of it pop a bit more.
  • Secondly, we added a DJ company logo (3PM Productions) as an image overlay in center position and adjusted the opacity level down a bit so the background/Shader can be more easily viewed.
  • Finally, we selected a beat-aware Shader that automatically displays behind the text and image overlay. In the video I toggle between three different Shaders to better demonstrate what you can create for yourself or your clients.

Use the combination of Shaders and Overlays for branding purposes and/or for displaying other event specific items — such as the Bride and Groom’s name at a Wedding. Using these features together is truly an awesome and easy way to add visual excitement while you’re mixing and in the process, create a more memorable event!

Need Shaders to jump start your library?  CLICK HERE for a roundup of Shaders you can use with DEX 3

Have questions about using Shaders in our DEX 3 DJ software, or how to create text, image, and video overlays?  Please leave them in the comments section below!