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Introducing DEX 3.19 with AIUnmixEQ™ | Instant Stems for Creative Mixing

DJs can now enjoy real-time stem separation using a new AIUnmixEQ™ feature included in DEX 3.19.

DEX 3 DJ software with Stem Support

A free update for DEX 3 customers, version 3.19 completes our massive audio engine refresh that began in the previous release. As part of the upgrade, we’ve introduced an exciting new feature in 3.19 that will help DJs create seamless mixes and mashups called AIUnmixEQ™.

Using AIUnmixEQ™, DEX 3 can isolate individual parts of a song using machine learning (deep neural networks, a flavor of AI). The industry refers to it as stem separation, or as we like to call it, real-time “unmixing”. The feature works with any standard audio, video, or karaoke tracks, including supported streaming services such as TIDAL or Beatsource LINK.

Using DEX 3’s EQ knobs or kill pads, DJs can smoothly separate songs into three isolated stems:

  • Vocals (High eq knob)
  • Instruments (Mid eq knob)
  • Drums/Percussion (Low eq knob)

Our new AIUnmixEQ™ feature brings up new opportunities for DJs and KJs:

  • Live mashups and seamless advanced remixing
  • On-the-fly acapella or instrumental
  • Instant karaoke tracks from regular tracks (with or without guide vocals)

You can activate this feature in DEX 3.19 from Preferences/Options -> General tab ->”AIUnmixEQ™ – use the eq knobs as stems: Vocals, Instruments, Drums“.

Some other important additions and changes we’ve made in the DEX 3.19 update:

  • The DEX 3 audio engine is now fully 32-bit audio (for comparison, streaming services and CD quality tracks are usually only 16-bit)
  • Added support for industry-standard STEM files (files with a “.stem.mp4” extension that contain pre-separated stems: drums, bass, sounds/melody, voice/lead)
  • Various performance optimizations

AIUnmixEQ™ is a truly revolutionary addition to DEX 3 that will take your mixes to new heights. Enjoy the mashup madness!

Download DEX 3.19 Now

(install with existing version closed to update)


(1) AIUnmixEQ™ is only available on modern Macs/PCs with 8 GB of RAM or more. For performance reasons it is recommended that you also have a dedicated GPU/video card (eg. NVidia, AMD, Apple M1/M2). AIUnmixEQ works for songs and videos under 15 minutes long. On modern powerful laptops it usually takes 2-3 seconds for AIUnmixEQ™ to analyze and split the audio into stems, but it may take up to 15-20 seconds if you have an older computer – during this time you can still play the track.

(2) If you receive this warning “DEX3_v3.19_macOS.pkg can’t be opened because Apple cannot check it for malicious software. this software needs to be updated. Contact the developer for more information” when installing to macOS, please follow the steps on Apple’s website to install DEX 3.

Have questions about the latest 3.19 DEX 3 version and AIUnmixEQ™ Stem Support?  Please leave them in the comments section below!