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Featured DEX 3 DJ Software User | Temecula’s Best DJ

Dennis Barela is CEO of Temecula’s Best DJ located in Southern California. He is a new DEX 3 DJ mixing software user and this months featured PCDJ user.

Dennis sums himself up:

The summary that I often use is that I am a “singer/songwriter/guitarist, recording engineer, producer and DJ.

We sat down with Dennis to ask him about his switch to PCDJ DEX 3 and his recommendation for other DJs looking for a completely multimedia mixing software solution. Here’s what he shared with us:



PCDJ:  Thanks for taking some time to speak with us today.  Why did you decide to use DEX 3 for your Mobile DJ business?

Dennis:  I can say that PCDJ Dex 3 is a truly well laid-out, resourceful, accommodating and indispensable piece of software extraordinaire.  It gives the user the necessary tools to accomplish any artistic vision and/or overcome just about any creative obstacle at a performance.  Personally, I feel that customers demand more than just mediocrity or average performances.  Dex 3 allows me to deliver performances in my style meaning that they will not get a “cookie-cutter,” every day performance from me.  They will get a DJ equivalent of an artistic “high wire act” where every gig is unique, personalized and over the top to assist me in always exceeding the customers’ expectations.

In the DJ business you must think 10 steps ahead of your audience and in very abstract ways.  You need to anticipate the audience’s next move or requirement or even be able to push the envelope to create a party environment that goes beyond what the customer has planned or expected.

Dennis is “Temecula’s Best DJ”

A professional DJ in today’s marketplace must be able to change things up at a moment’s notice and to have tracks standing by to get out of a jam or to instantly change direction.  PCDJ Dex 3 allows this and more, complete with a huge variety of tools, capabilies and flexibility that assist the performer in delivering performances of the highest level possible and all in a software package that consumes far less computer resources than its competitors meaning cooler running, more reliable and longer lasting computer(s).

As a DJ, recording engineer and producer, I also create many “music edits” in my studio that allow me and my customers to instantly convey their message through music whether it be thoughts of joy, love respect, humor, honor, acknowledgement, etc.  This is exactly what you see in motion pictures and TV productions today and I deliver nothing less.  This requires fast access and speedy delivery for segues, background music and fills performed live at events.  Dex 3 allows me to quickly and easily accomplish these feats.  I have a large Hollywood and entertainment industry clientele who will except nothing less than a Hollywood caliber performance and Dex 3 allows me to accomplish just that and beyond.

PCDJ Dex 3 is a “must-have” software for any and all DJs who demand nothing but the best in DJ performance software and have the desire to push the envelope of their creative, artistic abilities.


PCDJ:  Any additional thoughts to share with other users thinking about making the switch to DEX 3 as their DJ mixing software of choice?

Dennis:  Supported by a customer service, technical and support team that is second to none, the purchase of PCDJ Dex 3 software is a “no-brainer.”  Those considering the purchase of DJ software should not hesitate to do so comfortable and assured in the fact that they will not be disappointed.  To the contrary, they will be pleasantly surprised and realize that they have made a wise investment in their business and the expansion of their skills, abilities, performances and artistry.


Dennis “Temecula’s Best DJ” Bio:

BIO (Synopsis)  (See complete bio details at: http://temeculasbestdj.com/bio)

► Mobile D.J.  (25+ Years of Experience)
► Pro Audio Music Producer
► (Graduate) StageWest School of Audio Engineering and Production
► Pro Audio Recording Engineer
► Pro Audio Mastering Specialist
► AA Degree in “Business Administration” from Golden West College in Huntington Beach, CA.
► Composer
► Wedding Guitarist/Vocalist
► Pro-Audio Consultant
► Performer Dennis J. (original album recordings)
► Music Educator
► Recording Artist
► Teacher’s Aid (Music Education)
► Stage Manager/(live) Sound Engineer
► Singer/Songwriter/Guitarist/Bassist/Percussionist
► Computer Sequencer Programmer
► Concert Promoter
► Concert Stage Manager
► Band Leader
► Voice-Over Artist
► Benefit Organizer
► Military Midweek Weddings  
► Charitable Educational Pro Audio Services
► (Member) BMI
► (Member) AADJA
► (Past Member) GMEA
► (Past Member) ADJA
► (Past Member) SCADJA
► (Past Member) SDADJA
► (Past Member) NAME
► (Member) MP3.com
► (Member) Trusonic