DEX 3 DJ Software Quick Tip Video: Resize The GUI (Skin)

Our best DJ mixing software for mixing everything (music, music videos and karaoke) received a major ‘face-lift’ with the DEX 3 upgrade.  Not only are 3 new default skins included on install, but the graphics engine itself allows for dynamic re-sizing of the GUI (no matter which default skin you use).

Upon first opening up DEX 3 you’ll notice that the skin (GUI: Graphical User Interface) dynamically stretches to fit your display perfectly.  It will automatically fit snug within the confines of your display, and also eliminate your task bar. This means you will not see your desktop or any other application.

For optimal performance PCDJ doesn’t recommend running other applications or navigating your Windows or MAC while mixing, but we also understand users have different requirements while they gig.  Some DJs may simply need to access their desktop for a recently downloaded track or the like.  This is where the ability to drag-and-drop to resize the DEX 3 display comes in handy.

In this DEX 3 DJ software quick tip video we demonstrate how to resize the skin.  You can drag to almost any size, and either in a square or rectangle format.