DEX 3 DJ Software – Featured User

Each month we highlight one PCDJ DJ Software or Karaoke Software user, and their business.  This month meet DJ Aaron Ray of “Next Best Thing Karaoke & Mobile DJ” located in Lakewood Colorado USA, a new DEX 3 DJ software user.




PCDJ:    Why did you choose PCDJ DEX 3 for your Mobile DJ business?

A.R.:   I chose DEX 3 for several reasons. Most importantly, I wanted state of the art, KJ/DJ/VJ software that is compatible on many levels. PCDJ DEX 3 offers all of these functions, by allowing users to less complicate their interface experience. Keeping it simple, and moreover, FUN!!!

PCDJ:   What tip would you give to other DJs?

A.R.:   As a KJ/DJ of 9 years, I’d advise any new or current user of DEX 3, to use all four decks on the program! It’s much like a game of chess… Always stay at least two steps ahead of your next song/singers choice. It makes for a smooth transition and proper timing in precarious situations between songs.


For a free demo download of PCDJ DEX 3 please visit THIS PAGE 

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