DEX 3 DJ Software Feature Spotlight – AutoMix Limit Track

It’s baaaack!    Often touted as the “strip club DJ” feature and first introduced in PCDJ FX VRM (and also in RED VRM) by Visiosonic, we’ve resurrected it in PCDJ DEX 3 by popular demand.

I think it’s pretty safe to say our DEX 3 is the only professional DJ mixing software product on the market with this featured specifically geared towards the needs of DJs working in Gentleman’s Clubs.   What the “Automix Limit Track” feature does is enable automix to mix on elapsed seconds into the track versus remaining time.   So if you set it up at 3 minutes into the track, DEX 3 will mix to the next song after 3 minutes in (if the song is strip-club-signshorter than three minutes, DEX 3 will use the end of the song to mix to the next track).    Automix Limit Track works just like regular automix in that it will play through the new waitlist/sidelist in DEX 3 in order, until completed.   Often times in gentleman’s clubs each dancer is allowed 3 minutes on stage, and elapsed automix ensures the DJ can be hands-off and trust that each dancer receives exactly the same dance time.

So rejoice gentleman’s club DJs, elapsed automix is back and better than ever in the all-new PCDJ DEX 3!

Video demonstration of  “Automix Limit Track” in PCDJ DEX 3 DJ Software