DEX 3 DJ Software | “Embracing Karaoke”

DEX 3 DJ Software for Karaoke

Unlike other professional DJ software on the market, designed for traditional audio only of audio/video mixing, we haven’t been shy about embracing karaoke in our flagship product – DEX 3.

Through many calls, emails, and PCDJ Facebook User Group conversations with our core customers it became abundantly clear, many DJs, especially mobile DJs, were looking for one live performance application that could handle precision mixing of music and video as well as the feature-set to manage a busy night of karaoke.

DJ and karaoke system for a bar

Over the last year and a half we’ve made it our mission to improve the depth and breadth of karaoke features in DEX 3. We’ve seen free updates that include managed singer rotation, singer/song history, automatic filler music, singer search, the ability to export song books, the inclusion of the Party Tyme Karaoke Subscription and PartyTyme.net store, among other features designed to make hosting karaoke with a DJ-centric product a true joy.

Why not have the best of both worlds? 

Maybe for some DJs, karaoke has stigma attached (not ‘cool enough’ 🙄), and they simply don’t want to use DJ software that’s also designed to host a karaoke event. That’s could be why the majority of our competition seem to be gun shy about embracing karaoke in their DJ Software. Their loss.

We’re proud of our accomplishments in this area, and over the next few months we plan to bring you additional karaoke-specific features, some of which have been requested by multiple users. One such addition, and possibly the most requested of the bunch, is the karaoke singer remote request system which will be seamlessly integrated and super simple to setup and use. Yes, it is indeed coming!

If you need a little hatting-up on how to use DEX 3 for karaoke-specific events, review the playlist of tutorial videos below. Learn more about DEX 3


Have questions about using our DEX 3 DJ software for karaoke? Please leave them in the comments section below!