DEX 3 DJ Software Feature Spotlight | “Detect Automatic Gain”

Automatic Gain DJ Software

We recently changed the name of this feature so users could more easily grasp what the option does, but it works exactly the same way as when it was titled “Use perceptual automatic gain”.

DEX 3 video mixing and DJ software

What is this feature and what will it do for you and your mixes? 

We asked development for the breakdown (Warning: tech-speak ahead!):

“The “perceptual” part is a neat trick where we use an approximate model of the human ear to give more or less emphasis to different frequencies of the audio spectrum. We use Fletcher Munson Curves for this. As I said, an approximate of those so that the automatic gain is set using the perceived (perceptual) audio volume / loudness instead of the mathematical one. It simply sounds better.  However, since it seems quite a few customers are puzzled by this,  we’ve decided to drop the “perceptual” part and have changed it to “Detect Automatic Gain” — which reads much better.”

In short, whether you mix with a DJ controller or just a keyboard and mouse, enable “Detect Automatic Gain” in DEX 3 or DEX 3 RE’s options (under the general tab) and your mixes will sound better, with songs playing at the same (or very near) output gain level.


Have questions about DEX 3 automatic gain feature?  Feel free to leave them in the comments section below!

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