DEX 3.4 Is Now Available For Download

It’s official, the latest iteration of our best DJ software for mixing music, music videos and karaoke is ready for download!

After weeks of public testing and a tremendous amount of user feedback the DEX 3.4 free update for existing DEX 3 customers is field tested and DJ approved.

Development has been hard at work in the PCDJ bat-cave implementing a slew of new features and optimizing performance of existing functionality to provide users with the most rock solid DJ and VJ mixing software solution possible.

While we’re already working on a exciting new features for 3.5, DJs are really going to love some of the performance improvements and changes already included in the 3.4 release.   This is a fairly major upgrade from 3.3.3, and we hope you enjoy performing and using DEX 3.4 for all your multimedia mixing needs.

Here’s What’s New And Improved In DEX 3.4

  • Revamped BPM detection engine:  You can count on more accurate BPMs and beat grids, making sync and beat aware effects work more effectively
  • Icecast support: You can now broadcast your live mix online
  • Scratch tab/panel on the 2-decks skins:  New scratch tab displayed side-by-side waveforms for easy visual beat sync and scratching reference
  • Loop points: You can now save and recall loops using a new loops/cues toggle
  • Loop “Slip mode” setting: When exiting a loop in slip mode the track will continue as if no looping occurred (from the position it ought to be)
  • Auto-Cueing completely revamped:
    Automatically detected mix-in and mix-out cue points (IN/OUT) – trimming off silence automatically
    Setting to use either soft sounds or percussion for the in/out cue points detection (so you can have it skip quite intros, or start at the first audible sound)
    Setting to utilize the new autocue when loading and for Auto-Mix
  • Effects engine refactoring: Overall effects quality improvements and leveling.
  • Revamped Effects:  Bit Crusher – Robot Delay – Temolo – And new redesigned High-Pass and Low-Pass Filters.
  • Various Samplers improvements: Includes Sampler play modes (normal, stutter, instant/momentary), recording, waveform, cutoff filter, monitoring (pre-listen)
  • DJ Controller Support: Controllers can now be detected using USB VID:PID also on Mac
  • Automatic detection of arrival/removal of DJ MIDI controllers:  You can now plug-in or disconnect DJ controllers DEX 3.4 is running. EXPLANATION: You are able to start DEX 3.4 and connect or disconnect any (supported DJ controller) MIDI controller and DEX 3.4 will detect it on-the-fly. This means you can start DEX 3.4 without a DJ controller connected and then add or remove controllers (up to 8 at the same time) and they will be detected and start working automatically and immediately. DJ controller detection works on both Mac and Windows. This feature is really great if a controller hangs for some reason (so you would simply power it off and then back on — or remove it and then add it back) or if you simply wants to hook an additional controller (for additional control over features like the sampler).
  • Denon MC-6000 MKII DJ Controller is fully supported
  • Numark Mixtrack Pro 3 DJ Controller is fully supported
  • Search Change: When exiting search DEX 3.4 restores the last viewed list/folder
  • Graphics rendering improvements:  Graphics will appear sharper with very sharp on-screen text
  • Drag & drop files from Explorer / Finder:  You can now drag files from windows explorer directly into DEX 3.4 lists (current list or side list)
  • Several small bug fixes (including 2 crash fixes) and various performance optimizations

IMPORTANT NOTES: This DEX 3.4 DJ and VJ Software Update Will Overwrite Your Existing DEX 3 Version Upon Installation.