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Download DEX 3.17 Update | Now with TIDAL Streaming Support

DEX 3.17 is ready for download – now with TIDAL streaming support.

DEX 3 is our top DJ software solution, offering a vast selection of modern and advanced tools that enable DJs to create memorable and unique live performances. Now with TIDAL, DEX 3 DJs have in-app access to a massive selection of music and music videos to enhance their sets.

TIDAL is a global music streaming platform that’s brings DJs closer to artists through unique experiences and the highest sound quality. In-browser support provides DEX 3 DJs access to a catalog of over 80 million songs and 350,000 music videos in all genres. Search the TIDAL catalog from within the DEX 3 browser and use the TIDAL mobile app or website to create and “Like” playlists that synchronize automatically. The robust integration provides lightening fast buffering and trouble free streaming of audio and music videos.

Beyond TIDAL, DEX 3.17 also includes tidied up preferences menu with a new 3rd-party services tab. Karaoke hosts will enjoy a couple new settings in version 3.17 for the filler music player and ticker feature.

Read the full details of the new free update for DEX 3 customers below. As version 3.17 also includes a myriad of bug fixes and performance improvements, we suggest updating your installation to version 3.17 immediately. You can learn more about TIDAL here.

What’s New, Changed and Updated in DEX 3.17

  • New: TIDAL Streaming Service support (including Video tracks)
  • New: “3rd Party Services” tab in Preferences/Settings – this is where all the integrations are (streaming services, stores, etc)
  • New setting: “Always start a new track when filler music player resumes” (when disabled the filler music will continue where it left off when playback resumes)
  • New setting: “Show singers without songs” (you can customize the default “Pick a song!” text); this will show in the karaoke ticker / next singers list
  • New: Automatically moving the cross-fader to the left for 1-deck / karaoke-only skins (eg. LYRX skin)
  • New: Warn the user when there is no current audio device set or is disconnected: “The audio device could not be found. Please re-connect it and restart the app or select a different audio device from Preferences/Options -> Audio Routing tab.”
  • Updated: Beatport LINK and Beatsource LINK now compatible with the new ARM M1-based Macs
  • Fixed: Browser-lists splitters sometimes not working correctly
  • Fixed: Memory leak for video loops (eg. karaoke background video)
  • Fixed: Windows audio device names with special characters
  • Fixed: Rare downloading issues for some streaming services
  • Various performance improvements

DEX 3.17 Install Instructions: With your existing version of DEX 3 closed, download and install version 3.17. The free update will seamlessly patch over-top you’re existing DEX 3 version, leaving all your existing data and activation intact. 



Have questions about our DEX 3 DJ Software and how it works with TIDAL streaming?  Please leave them in the comments section below!