DJ Software Tip| Documentation For Creating Your Own DEX 3 DJ Controller Scripts

We now have support for over 70 of the best DJ controllers on the market in DEX 3 and RED Mobile 3, which means they are “zero-configure”;  just have the DJ controller plugged in and on when launching our DJ software and it will be ready to use.

The top DJ brands push out new DJ controllers often, so much so that at times it’s hard for us to keep pace.  In order for us to create and in-depth map with layered functionality and features we need to have the DJ controller in our possession.  Yes, there are command sheets to work from supplied by the DJ equipment supplier, but for truly tight integration with our DJ software we’ll need the controller at our workstation.

We’ve had quite a few of our more technically oriented DEX 3 DJ software users contact us about how they can either edit our existing DJ controller scripts, or to create a completely new one for their shiny new controller.   This past weekend our developer’s created a downloadable PDF (download button below this post) that lists all the actions and notifications supported in DEX 3.

The “DEX 3 actions and notifications” document lists all the support commands that can be used to make or edit a DJ controller .JS file (JavaScript).   This isn’t for everyone (it will look like a foreign language to most, including yours truly!), but as noted a surprising number of customers have inquired about such documentation with a couple already knee deep in creating new scripts. This is what prompted us to believe others may also want to try their hand at scripting.

DEX 3 and RED Mobile 3 Default DJ Controller scripts are stored in: App folder ( or Program Folder (x86) ) -> Controllers.   If you’ve created a custom script, please drop them in:  Documents -> PCDJ-DEX3 -> Controllers.


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  1. Xavier Gomez
    Xavier Gomez says:

    Hey there! Sounds Great! Will this by chance work for configuring the Behringer’s CMD Studio 4? I’d love to be able to get some help for that. I know, I been buggin you about it for a few months now. LOL

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