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Creating Better DJ Sets With BeaTunes

DJ software has evolved so much that mixing tracks on beat and in key is pretty simple – sometimes as simple as pressing a button.

We all know that’s only a small part of what makes a good DJ; being a great selector of music and creating a musical experience for your patrons and party-goers is still vital to your success.   Yes, there are features in our DJ software products that make finding songs in the same key or BPM easy, and we’ll be expanding on this with the upcoming “suggestion list” feature — a special list that suggests songs to play next based on what you’re playing, using various smart-parameters.

DigitalDJTips.com posted an article a couple days ago about using a great piece of software kit called BeaTunes for creating better DJ sets:  “5 Ways To Create Better DJ Sets With BeaTunes”  

One of the most intriquing aspects of using BeaTunes is their “MatchLists” – intelligent auto-playlists.  Phil Morse from DigitalDJTips.com wrote:

“That’s where beaTunes’s “matchlists” (think “auto playlists”) are just so awesome, There are all kinds of intelligent criteria you can use to build a playlist around a particular song or set of songs that are inspiring you right now. Best thing is that these lists instantly show in iTunes, so you can then throw your playlist onto your iPod or phone and – bam! There’s a truly interesting playlist for your journey to work or gym session that’ll hopefully throw up all sorts of creative ideas for you for your next DJ set.”

BeaTunes is directly compatible with iTunes, so using it to create lists will automatically (and dynamically) populate in our DEX 3 DJ software as well (including KEY).

There’s also a ton of music discovery options built into BeaTunes, and as any experienced DJ knows you really have to listen to your music to know how to mix it well etc, which is just another feature BeaTunes offers (It has a tool that shows you via visual representation of how songs end, so you know best how to mix them).

BeaTunes works on MAC or Windows, and is free to try for 14 days – and $35 to own it.  Here is a link to the BeaTunes Download Page

Watch Phil Morse From DigitalDJTips.com explain “5 Ways To Create Better DJ Sets With BeatTunes”