Crate Hackers: Helping DJs Find the Perfect Next Song – Every Time

Crate Hackers

Facebook and industry user groups have been buzzing about a revolutionary time-saving tool that assists DJs in one of the biggest challenges they face during live performance; what to play next.

Crate Hackers surveyed countless DJs and came away with a big take; DJs’ crates are massively disorganized which causes problems with performance, flow, trouble searching for songs, and finding the next song.

Crate Hackers solves that.

How? By giving DJs crates that are battle-tested on club and wedding dance floors and which are also sorted by BPM, Energy, and Key.

Aaron Traylor (DJ Aaron), founder of CrateHackers.com, and his team use sophisticated tools that only radio show DJs have access to to find the most danceable bangers out there. Plus, they crowd source their selection of crates from DJs around the country during “virtual crate hackathons”.

DJs staring blank faced at their laptop screen searching for their next song instead of engaging their audience is a big pain point.

There is also so much new music being released by artists – more than ever before – and it’s hard to keep up to date.

Crate Hackers is not a record pool, but a curator to the record pools that helps DJs stay on top of all the hottest tracks, remixes, and edits available today. The platform helps DJs find the gems and keep them up-to-date. That free’s DJs to focus more on the art of DJing. They can also have confidence taking on events that they may not have been entirely comfortable with before.

How does Create Hackers benefit DEX 3 customers?

Since Crate Hackers is tied into various streaming platforms, including TIDAL, DEX 3 DJs can utilize the platform to access curated playlists that can be synced with their TIDAL account and display in the DEX 3 file browser automatically. If you’re not using TIDAL, you can also download playlists in M3U and import into a DEX 3 user list.

If you’re struggling with finding the right selection of tracks that mix well together don’t stress – up your game and head on over to Crate Hackers.