We’ve revamped our DJ software line this week and introduced a new product to the DEX 3 family. A new comparison chart is available for review.

Joining the DEX 3 ranks is DEX 3 LE (Limited Edition), our new and completely free DJ mixing software program. RED Mobile 3, our easy-to-use and versatile professional DJ software, has received a name change to DEX 3 RE (Red Edition) — allowing for continuity (and potentially less confusion) among our live performance software lineup. Both products are built off the same exclusive technology found in our flagship DEX 3 DJ and video mixing application.

We’ve updated the DJ software comparison chart to showcase the new product names and the feature set differences between DEX 3 editions. Whether you need basic, 2-deck mixing or the ability to mix music videos and host karaoke shows – the comparison chart will help you figure out which product suits your needs best.

Compare DJ Software

General Software Features

Product Features

DEX 3 LE (Lite Free Edition)

DEX 3 RE (Red Edition)


Windows and MAC SupportxXX
2 Players SupportxXX
4 Players SupportX
Pulselocker Streaming Subscription SupportxXX
VIDEO Mixing: Supports MP4, MPEG, AVI, MOV, MKV, WMVX
KARAOKE: Supports MP3+G (uncompressed)XX
Support For 80+ DJ Controllers (zero-configure)x – 10 Minute Intervals OnlyXX
MIDI LEARN – easily map midi controllers or keyboardxXX
Change pitch with 4 different ranges from +/-8%xXX
Pitch-Scaling for harmonic mixingX
High-Quality Time-Stretching (Key-Lock)Basic Key Lock OnlyX
Change Volume, Play, and Pause (instant-start) with low latency (2ms for ASIO, 10ms for DirectSound)xXX
Edit ID3v2 tagsxXX
Fast and accurate automatic BPM detection – On the Fly or Batch ProcessingxXX
Waveforms with beat-gridxXX
One-Click BPM Sync (BEAT-SYNC)xXX
Scratching (jog wheel, waveform, MIDI-controller)x – 10 Minute Intervals OnlyXX
Cue Points and Hot-CuesxXX
Beat-Stepping (Quantized)X
AUTOMIX full-automated autoplay and shufflexxX
Stereo VU meterxXX
Pre-Listening via headphonesxXX
Mix on an external mixerxXX
Record your mix in MP3, AIFF or WAVXX
Video Mix Recording (HD)X
Customizable Keyboard ShortcutsxXX
3-band equalizer with on the fly changeable frequenciesxXX
Quantized snap-to-beat LoopingxXX
Perceptual volume control (auto-gain)xXX
Filter EffectxXX
Direct MIC control through software (with talk over)XX
Internet Broadcasting Support (With Icecast)X
Key Stepper (for Karaoke – In Semitones)X
Video Link (link video to audio automatically)x
Video Effects And Video TransitionsX
Side-List For Automix/Shuffle and Karaoke Singers ListXX