Christmas Lighting And Music Show Roundup

It’s that time of year again, when DMX and lighting programming professionals get to take their work home with them — creating extravagant Christmas light shows set to music.

After a week of fairly technical blog posts and waking to crisp-cold morning (for Florida, anyway) eased by a steaming cup of quality joe, I feel like spreading some holiday cheer.   I’ve rounded up the top Christmas Light Shows I could find on YouTube and Facebook to share with you all.

It seems like every year we see more and more details going into creating immaculate displays of light and sound, surely to strengthen bonds with nearby neighbors.  The work that goes into design and deployment, and the time (how in the world do they find the TIME?) is clear when viewing the final product.  Clark Griswold would be proud, but could never pull off what these home owners below have – it’s clear that real pro’s are behind these designs, with years of lighting programming experience (at least I hope so, as my one lonely string of lights circling around a palm tree was a momentous accomplishment for yours truly)

Enjoy, and Happy Holidays!