Chew.TV | DJ In Front Of A Global Audience With This New Streaming Website

You’ve purchased the DJ program.  You’ve practiced for hours and hours applying proper DJ practice techniques.  You think you’re ready for the next big step, DJing live in front of  a crowd, but you’re just not sure…

Enter Chew.TV — a new live mix set streaming site for DJs.  “DJs everywhere. Right here.”

Chew.TV is a free service (for now, anyway) that provides DJs a platform to broadcast real-time audio/video of their mix set.  Broadcast from your bedroom or from a club or venue live to an online audience using your laptop webcam or a professional camera rig.  Word is that the Chew.TV mobile app is coming soon, too.  It’s currently in beta testing and I’m sure many DJs would like to use their phones camera while at a mobile gig.

I think it’s a great option to use Chew.TV as a platform to get comfortable DJing on-the-fly in front of a live audience, albeit a digital one.  Jitters will likely never go away, all the top DJs still get them, but the live DJ experience will certainly help ease the transition from the bedroom to the main stage.

Another great application for Chew.TV is for learning new DJ skills and techniques.  There are already many DJs using the platform daily including seasoned pro’s and a sprinkling of big-name jocks.  Due to the up-close-view of the DJs set it’s ease to see exactly what actions the DJ is performing while mixing music or video.   I’m sure bedroom DJs and long-time pro’s alike can pick up a few pointers watching DJs throughout the word work their magic.

Chew.TV could also be today’s version of the ‘mix tape’, as pointed out by DigitalDJTips.  Invite potential clients to your live stream to see your perform.  I could see wedding DJs even getting into the mix, showcasing their skills and how packed the dance floor is.

You can sign up for free and watch other DJs perform, or start mixing in front of an audience with Chew.TV HERE