Check Out the Video Overview of New Features Included in LYRX 1.3 | MAC Karaoke Software

LYRX 1.3 is now available and includes new professional karaoke show hosting features designed to make life easier on the KJ.

Designed exclusively for MAC, LYRX is currently available at an introductory price of only $79.95.  LYRX works with all standard karaoke file formats, including MP3+G, Zipped MP3+G, and ALL video formats – it even handles HD video with ease.

LYRX presents the best value of any professional karaoke software on the market — and we’re just getting started!

The LYRX 1.3 overview video above showcases freshly added features such as:

  1. The ability to apply key changes while adding songs to rotation, which are automatically applied in the LYRX player (deck) when you use ‘Load Singer’ (The button is located above the singer rotation list).
  2. Recall key changes automatically when accessing songs in singer/song history (quickly send the singer, song, and applied key change by dragging and dropping the entry into the singer rotation list).
  3. Adjust the automatic filler music player volume level (new volume slider is located in options under the ‘Karaoke’ tab) independently of the master karaoke player output.
  4. Singers can now stay in rotation even if they have no songs in their personal queue. This setting is also located under the ‘Karaoke’ tab in LYRX’s options.
  5. Multiplex karaoke file support has been added as well.  This allows karaoke hosts to mute, un-mute, and/or adjust the volume level of the background vocal for multiplex CDG files (Mp3+G or MP4). Typically, with multiplex karaoke files the left channel is instruments-only and the right channel is instruments+voice. Now you can adjust on the fly using either the LYRX default skin or the newly included ‘LYRX12’ skin that can be accessed in options under the ‘General’ tab (‘select user interface’ drop down menu).
  6. A new option was added that allows a custom video background (image or video) to displayed even when there are no singers in rotation (or when ‘0’ has been selected for the number of singers displayed on screen 2).
  7. Added support for ‘Shaders’ that can be grabbed fro free at Shadertoy.com.  Shaders generated real-time on-screen visualizations that (usually, depending on how the creator designed the shader) that are automatically beat-synced with the master audio output.
  8. KJs can also re-order customer user lists by simply dragging and dropping to position.

Have questions about LYRX, the professional karaoke show hosting software for MAC?  Please leave them in the comments section below!

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  1. Andy
    Andy says:

    Hi, great software, working well.. Just a couple of questions? Is there any way to remove just one track from a list you’ve created (I can only find the option to clear the whole list). Also can you set audio mix / filler music to repeat and/or shuffle , to avoid having to keep adding to the list throughout the evening?

    Thanks, keep up the good work. Andy

    • Ryan Sherr
      Ryan Sherr says:

      Hi Andy, and thanks for reaching out! To remove a single track you can use the little ‘-‘ button on the skin (above the singers list browser area, next to the + button) or just click on the song and either hold down CTRL + DELETE to remove it, or Fn + DELETE to remove it (from your keyboard).

      Filler music won’t repeat — but you can click on any song in the sidelist and click the SORT button on the LYRX skin and select “Shuffle” to shuffle the list. Keep in mind that you can simply re-add the same songs again and again to the sidelist for filler music. If you have a user list created or from the main database list, if you right-click within the list of songs you will see an option to ‘send all to sidelist’ – you can simply click that option as many times as you want and LYRX will add the songs to the bottom of the list (so you can create a list of the same songs, repeated as many times as you desire).

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