jammtext live q and a video
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Watch The Recorded JammText Live-Stream Q&A

Mixcity Inc, creators of JammText, held a live JammText demo session in conjunction with Mobile Beat magazine on October 27, 2016. Watch the video below. JammText is a unique text-to-screen software that can add a serious boost to your…
practicing how to be a DJ

DJ Tips | Preparation Before Performance #DJNTV (Video)

"Spectacular achievement is always                         preceded by unspectacular preparation." - Robert H. Schuller Seems easy, right? John Young of DiscJockeyNews.com makes a fundamental point in the 'Tuesday Tips" video…
Raising Wedding DJ rates in small town

Mobile DJ Tips | How To Raise Your Rates In Smaller Markets From DJNTV (Video)

Watch The Video Below | How To Raise Your Rates For Small Town Weddings From DJNTV Being in a smaller market doesn't necessarily mean you need to keep your Wedding DJ rates low. John Young and Brian S Redd of DJNTV discussed during their…
Selling DJ Packages

DJ Tips | Why Selling Two Vastly Different Packages May Be A Bad Idea (Video)

Last weeks  "Tuesday Tips with John Young" on DJNTV John explained how selling two DJ packages at vastly different price points can be a bad business move. "Having two different packages that are so completely different            …
Cocktail And Dinner Music For DJs
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(Video) Your Dinner Music Sucks, DJ! Try These Tracks…

Dinner Music Ideas That Don't Suck from DJNTV.  The innerweb is ripe with tips and music playlists designed to help keep the dance floor packed during your mix set, but what about the often required but rarely discussed Dinner Music (AKA…
Wedding DJ Tips Exceeding Expectations

Increase Your Wedding DJ Success By Exceeding Expectations (Video)

DJ Tips | John Young Of DiscJockeyNews.com shares a tip for something you should do with your wedding clients to help prepare them for you to exceed their expectations. When DJing a Wedding (and other events likely apply, too) explaining…
Trivia Party Games TM-120

Separate Your Trivia Services From Your DJ Services

    Straight into the mix today….many of you reading this, I am fully aware, are more than just trivia hosts and rightly so. The entertainment world is a tough, competitive market place and you need to be able to offer…
The Bar Clamp Story For DJS - DJ Advice

What Do You Offer That Is Different As A DJ? The Bar Clamp Story (Video)

In the video below, John Young of DiscJockeyNews.com shares a lesson from his recent trip to the hardware store when he purchased some bar clamps (what in tarnation does this have to do with DJing, you ask?). Surprisingly there are some lessons…
5 Tips from Older DJs for Younger DJs

5 Things Younger DJs Can Learn From Older DJs | From DiscJockeyNews (Video)

"Everyone has something to teach, and everyone has something to learn" In the 'The Rewind Report with Michael Joseph' video below from DiscJockeyNews.com Michael provides '5 Things Younger DJs Can Learn From Older DJs', and it's well…
Most requested songs from DJs in 2015

Top 200 Requested Songs Of 2015

The proverbial door has hit 2015 square in the tuches and the tally is complete -- here's the list of the top 200 requested songs from DJs in 2015. Each year DJ Intelligence compiles the top requested songs of the previous year after analyzing…
Getting Bar And Club Gigs for DJs

DJ Tips | Getting DJ Gigs At Bars And Smaller Clubs (Video)

This time of year for Mobile DJs and Wedding DJs bookings are comparatively dismal.  However, the lull can present an opportunity to diversify. In the video titled "Getting Into Bars and Clubs Pointers" below, John Young of Disc Jockey…
5 DJ Tips for a better 2016

5 Tips For Prepping Your DJ Business For 2016 (#DJNTV Video)

For most Mobile DJs, November is one of the slowest times of the year for event bookings, but that doesn't mean you can't get a lot of DJ related business accomplished in prep for a better 2016. In the video below from John Young of DiscJockeyNews.com…