Building Your Mobile DJ Business Plan (Video)

Your mobile DJ business needs a plan.

Running a mobile DJ company has parallels with any “product and services” venture, and having a plan is the first step in establishing a foundation for future growth.

Mobile DJ using DEX 3 RE

In the embedded video blow from Disc Jockey News TV Dr. Drax (Hugo Drax) from the ADJA joins John Young for the first part of 3 discussions regarding building an business plan for your mobile DJ company.

A.D.J.A. (American Disc Jockey Association) President and Mobile DJ guru Dr Drax opens with this commentary:

“To be successful, the business plan has to be uniquely focused on the company, on it’s produces, services, it’s management, it’s team, it’s objectives and it’s marketing differences and it’s comparisons.”

While this can generically apply to pretty much any business plan, Dr. Drax touches on the unique nuances of the DJ business such as location and how you should tailor your plan for your specific market.


First 2 Steps For Your Mobile DJ Business Plan (Covered in video below)

  1. Your Business Outline:  This is your company, and what you do. What’s your business’s executive summary (1 Paragraph)?  What is your mission? What is the key to your mobile DJ business’s success?
  2. The Company Details:  Your business summary in pinpoint focus: Is it an existing company? What’s your history? Where have you come from to get to this point within your DJ company? Where’s your location, and facitilies?

In the next segment Hugo Drax and John will dive into products and service, to flush out exactly what you offer — of you market and a summery of that anaylisis and how it can help your DJ business grow.


Watch: DJ Business Plan Part 1 with Dr. Drax: Industry Chat