Building Your Mobile DJ Business Plan – Part 3 (Video)

Dr. Drax of the American Disc Jockey Association joins John Young of DJNTV for the final part of a three part discussion | Building your mobile DJ business plan.

Your Mobile DJ business plan is a written statement of your business’s goals, including reasons they can be obtained and your plans for obtaining them. Sure, most of us get into DJing for the love of music and packing a dance-floor — but If you want to make DJing events your livelihood you need to treat it like any other business.  That business needs a plan.

Part 3 of “Building Your Mobile DJ Business Plan”

In this segment Hugo Drax touches on the final two points (6-7) to building a mobile DJ business plan:

  1. Management Summary:  This is what many businesses describe as your “org chart“.   Your businesses management and employee tree, starting from yourself (CEO) down.  This is your organizational structure.  Drax also delves into “team gaps” —  what staff are you missing now that you feel you will need to obtain later to fill company growth requirements.
  2. Financial Plan:  “This is where many DJs don’t like to get into the nuts and bolts”  This should be the financial assumptions you make based on the DJ business model you’ve built.  These are very important assumptions to make:  Not just the revenue, but where will the revenue come? How will it be divided?

Watch Part 3 Of Building Your Mobile DJ Business Plan