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Billboard Creates a ‘LIST’ | “Wedding DJs’ 100 Most Popular Party Songs: Critics’ Picks”

Top 100 Wedding DJ songs from Billboard

It seems like these days, we have ‘lists’ for ‘lists’. When it comes to the most popular party songs for DJs, it seems as if there would be enough ‘lists’ to circle the globe.

DJing with DEX 3 at a Wedding

Still, it’s always interesting when an entertainment media brand like Billboard puts together a list like their latest targeting our profession: “Wedding DJs’ 100 Most Popular Party Songs: Critics’ Picks“.

Billboard claims the list contains the most popular songs played by DJs at weddings, and after reviewing the list it’s hard to find much fault. Which makes sense, because apparently Billboard went directly to the source: “top wedding DJs from across the U.S.” They polled DJs from across the U.S. to submit a list of their most-played songs to arrive at their “ranked list”.  The final product combines the popularity of a song by the DJs (how many times it made ‘the list’) and their own editorial curation.

The list is ripe with Wedding dancefloor-fillers that we all have in our own “list”, but to at least my own surprise, a few tracks that ranked highly on ‘list’ I’ve never played once at a wedding (or event).  Head on over to Billboard and give the ‘list’ a review — feel free to share your feedback with our community in the comments section below!