Seeking Beta Testers For A Windows Application That Will Fix Your Karaoke File Names

Beta Testing Karaoke File Name Fixer

As any karaoke hosts knows, karaoke file names can get really messy.

Often times KJs have karaoke songs with various karaoke file naming conventions, with very little continuity among them. Some karaoke files are named one way, others another, etc. Depending on the source (converted the file yourself from CDG disc or purchased from various online karaoke song stores) karaoke files naming structures can be vastly varied — there is no industry standard but rather 15+ popular methods karaoke files are labeled. Fun stuff!

This presents a problem when a karaoke hosts want to easily create a karaoke song book, or ensure the karaoke file name data is displayed in the proper fields when importing into karaoke software like Karaoki. When using various file naming conventions KJs either have to take the time to apply the proper extraction method for each specific naming convention, or manually rename the files. This is a lengthy, time consuming and incessantly boring process. Until now…

PCDJ will soon launch “Karaoke File Name Fixer” (a mouthful yes, but a working title for now!) — a Windows-based application that will allow KJs to batch ‘fix’ and edit all karaoke file names in their collection so they are uniform.

The Karaoke File Name Fixer application handles almost all karaoke file formats and uses a simple step-by-step method for identifying your various existing karaoke file names so they can be more readily conformed to your chosen file naming convention.

We’ve done significant in-house alpha testing but now we could use a little help! We’re seeking 10-15 karaoke hosts with karaoke libraries of 10,000 songs or more to help us beta test Karaoke File Name Fixer. Ideally you’d have at least 3 different karaoke file naming conventions in your library.

You will earn a free copy of the final “Karaoke File Name Fixer” version for your assistance, and more importantly you’ll be able to conform your entire karaoke library to one standard naming convention!

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