Did you grab these MUST HAVE Music Videos from BPM Supreme yet?

BPM Supreme - Must have music videos from November 2018

If you’re seeking for a source for Music Video Downloads that you can mix with DEX 3, without-a-doubt BPM Supreme reigns supreme.  

BPM Supreme’s charts and curated lists are worth the price of entry (only $19.99-a-month after a 30 days FREE access) alone and their website navigation and ease-of-use is second to none. They also publish “Must Have Releases” to their blog at the end of each month so you don’t miss a beat.

With November behind us and Christmas Parties in full swing, you need to make sure the hottest videos of last month are on your hard drive and in DEX 3‘s database.

Click the button below to review BPM Supreme’s list of “15 Must-Have Videos From the Month of November” to ensure you’re mixing videos your clients and fans want to hear this holiday season. Go out with a BANG in 2019 and not a pop-fizzle!

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